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For the Raising of Kinder Hands

silhouette of hands reaching toward sunlit sky

To bless of those of us who travel with visible differences in the world. A new priestly blessing toward societal disarming and the end of white supremacy.

May the L-rd bless and keep you
just as you have been made
and as you have chosen now
in and through your body to be.
May you draw nearer to G-d every time you meet your own face in the mirror or along the glass of a store. 
Or if you slip, fall or are pushed to the sidewalk. May G-d raise you there even in time of sharp, life-shattering descent.
And may you know your heart, body and soul to be whole even as you find yourself in and amidst the societal holes of racism, queerphobia and violence of every form.
And may those in your path fulfill the unconditional promise of true kindness; to honor how you say you want to be treated, to disrupt and disarm the systems and shackles of white supremacy. 
To work for change for your name’s sake.
And may all who meet you turn to your face with the knowing that you bear the likeness of G-d.
That you are deserving of the justice and peace of a fulsome and unafraid humanity. 
That the world and G-d’s universe shine greater for you being as you are in the world.
And may you be protected from every spoken and unspoken, institutional and interpersonal, tangible and intangible harm you face.
And may G-d bless your spirit full.

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