Tradition & Innovation

Psalm 135

By Elliott batTzedek

They have a mouth to speak words of healing
     but they insist on speaking hate
They have eyes to look with love
     but narrow them to glare, to judge, to shame
They have ears to seek the sorrows of the world
    but listen only to their greed
They have a nose to smell every beloved plant that blooms
    but choose to poison all they touch
They have hands that could build bounty and beauty
    but keep their fists grasped tight
They have feet to define the paths of righteousness
    but choose to stay shackled in fear

They have breath to sing praises to the soul of the world
    but they take and they take and all they take they accumulate
    until they rot in their rapture of their power to take

From Fringes: a feminist, non-zionist havurah.

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