Prayer for Workers in a Time of Pandemic

By Rabbi Michael Rothbaum
person pushing a wagon of fresh vegetables

Our God, and God of all Life,

We call you Oseh, Maker1

Yotzer, Crafter2

Poel, Worker.3

You, Who labored to build this world in which we live

Who calls us to be Po’alei Tzedek, workers of justice4

We call to you

Be with all those who labor in the midst of this global pandemic.

Shelter those who grow our food in the field.

Guard those who bring healing in lab and clinic, in hospital and pharmacy.

Guide in peace those who deliver basic needs by road, track, and air.

Uplift those bent low bearing loads in manufacturing and sanitation.

Send love to those who connect us through wire, wave, and cable.

Provide companionship to those who work in solitude,

ease to those who work in anguish,

safety to those who step into harm’s way,

dignity to all whose labor benefits us.

As they raise up their souls to grant us all life5

may we repay them in fairness and righteousness.

May our lawmakers and employers assure them a living wage,

health care and sick leave

education, documentation, citizenship

and the right to organize.

All the rights,

human and Divine

due to all beings

created in Your image.

And let us say: Amen

[1] Job 25:2

[2] Genesis 2:7

[3] Exodus 15:17

[4] Psalms 15:2

[5] Deuteronomy 24:15