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Prayer for Veterans Day

a folded american flag takes up half of the photo with the blue background and white embroidered stars on the left of the image and alternating red and white stripes on the right side. The flag is worn and resting on a grey surface
we who have dedicated our lives to protecting this great country,
who have used our strength and our wisdom to safeguard the ideals of freedom and democracy,
we ask for Your presence now.
Watch over us, guide us, teach us, and inspire us. Remind us that we are stronger together.
May we, as veterans of this great nation, be blessed with clarity of purpose. Our military missions are complete. But we continue to serve the best interests of our beloved country.
Lord, we know that some of our brothers and sisters are in need of healing. Please bless them. Heal them. Give them strength. 
Please bless our medical professionals too with the wisdom to find treatments and cures that will help our veterans to come home and live in peace.
Adonai tzuri v’goali, Lord, You are our Rock and our Redeemer. Thank you for your blessings each and every day and for empowering us to be a blessing unto these United States of America.


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