A Prayer for Rapid Transit

We know that this is a world in need of repair
We see it in the cracks in our streets
The pain in our streets
We need to see each other
We need to to be moved, and to move
We cannot get from here to there, without getting from here to there

So far now we have torn our way through our path
Burning up our resources
Turning gifts from the earth into curses in the sky
We want to learn to better live with this earth
We want to learn how to travel together,
On buses, on trains, together

We ask for the strength to keep trying,
The strength to put our resources to match your own
We want to put our money where our mouth is
We can’t breathe the things we burn
We can’t eat the things we burn
But we can learn to do better

Please help us to move
Move us
We want to be together
But we can’t do it without your help
We need our words to go through
We need these, the needs of our bodies to be recognized
And to take steps forward to live in our world together
Move us, we want to be moved.


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Found in: Traveling

Tags: tefilat haderekh

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