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Prayer for Our Country – 5781/2020

a cut paper chain of people stands in the background of a lit tea light and the flame illuminates the paper chain
Written by students of SMILE* School of Congregation Or Hadash, Ft. Washington, PA. *Sunday Morning Includes Learning for Everyone

What do we want for our country? 

A country full of health, free from viruses
We want to be able to cope with destiny
We want a country that is safe for all people
We want a country without bullying
A country without gun violence
We want to see peace and empathy
A country where everyone is free to love whomever they choose
We want everyone to be kind to everyone
We want a country that is safe from leaders pulling us in opposite directions
We want equality for all people
We want leaders that inspire us
We believe that Black lives matter
We believe that families should be able to stay together
We believe in welcoming the huddled masses yearning to breathe free

We believe in a country where we all help each other
We believe in a country where the old learn from the young and the young learn from the old 
Where there is equal opportunities for ALL
A country where we share what we have with those who have less
Where everyone has a home and a place that makes them feel safe
A country with clean air and water
And a sustainable future
We are thankful for science and people who create those gifts
We are thankful for creativity and the people who create
We are thankful for family
We are thankful for both the ability to meet in person and virtually 
Be the change you wish to see. Take action. Speak up. VOTE
We are thankful. We believe. 
I am loving
I am caring
I am kind
I am peaceful


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