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Prayer for Mother Who Gave Birth

By Rabbi Arnold Stiebel, Phd

May the One who blessed our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, also bless and heal ____________ and give her strength and vigor.

Mekor HaChayim, O Source of life, our dear God: You have guided and sustained_____________ through her time of pregnancy and her child's birth. With love, You have brought forth her newborn son/daughter and safely entrusted him/her to her care.

May her body be healed; may it renew its cycles of growth and life once more. Grant her strength of body and spirit as she begins to nurture her newborn son/daughter. May she learn always to cherish this precious and tender gift from You. And may she privileged to bring him/her to Your Torah and laws, to serve You all his/her days.

We praise and thank You, O Lord our God, the Giver of all life. AMEN.