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A Prayer for Insemination

By Rabbi Melissa Klein

Dear God,
We ask for your presence with us
As we go to the doctor’s office
And the doctor inserts donor semen
Into _______’s uterus.

We ask for You to be present in the process,
Present in the semen,
Present in ________’s egg for the month
Present in our hearts,
That she may conceive
And bear a healthy child
A child who will be a source of joy and learning
A child who will surprise us and delight us
And challenge us.

We love each other
And we are ready to love our child…
When the time comes.

We know that the timing is not in our control
We can do our best to be healthy, to get good semen,
To time the insemination correctly

But, ultimately, it is for You to decide when _________ will become pregnant
When she will bear a child ready to emerge from the womb

We do not know when the soul enters a child
Or where souls come from
Wherever you are, oh soul of our unborn child,
We invite you to find your way to ________’s womb when the proper time has arrived.
The world is not always a friendly place or a good place,
Yet do not be afraid to enter the world
We will do our best to keep you warm
And to nurture you. You will be our teacher
On how to love and be loved
On what is really important in life.

We wait for you and welcome you to find your way into our lives.