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Prayer before an Examination

By Rabbi Michelle Goldsmith

Merciful God, healer of the sick and broken-hearted,
when Avimelech sought the cause and cure for the barrenness of his house,
You heard his plea and showed him what had to be done and granted him children in return.

So, too, did You visit and bless Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca,
Jacob and Rachel and Leah,
when they needed your help.
Therefore, I turn to You God, and ask that You be with me now,
as I seek answer to my quest for a child.

When the doctor proceeds with the exam,
poking and prodding every corner of my body,
filling me with cold instruments,
I ask that you warm my soul.

Remind me of the warmth of my husband's touch.
Remind me of his love for me.
Restore to me my dignity;
remove from me my shame.

As you revealed the answers to Avimelekh
reveal the answers to me, my husband, and my doctor,
so that we may work together with your help,
to bring forth a child.


Printed in Tears of Sorrow, Seeds of Hope, copyright 1999 by Nina Beth Cardin (Woodstock, VT: Jewish Lights Publishing).



Found in: Trying to Conceive