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For Passover, Ritualwell Connects Innovation with Tradition

By Ritualwell

For Passover, Ritualwell Connects Innovation with Tradition


March 8, 2012

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Philadelphia, PA - This year Passover begins on the evening of April 6. It is the most widely celebrated Jewish holiday in North America and an occasion when many struggle to honor ancient tradition while recognizing the new realities of contemporary life. Ritualwell.org, which offers innovative rituals that add meaning to Passover celebrations, is the perfect resource.

Passover’s themes of slavery and liberation resonate deeply with people from all cultures and religious traditions. Increasingly, the holiday is marked with extended family, friends and colleagues who share a culture that calls for a more inclusive Passover ceremony, or seder—one that acknowledges feminist contributions and other innovations.

Ritualwell.org includes a robust Passover section, which offers additional songs, poems and readings as well as interesting perspectives on the traditional seder. One example is the inclusion of the prophetess Miriam, who plays a central role in the Exodus story. Ritualwell.org features Miriam’s cup—honoring the healing well of water associated with Miriam—and the song “Miriam haNeviah”—placing her as a prophetess alongside the prophet Elijah.

“Seder tables around the world feature new interpretations and practices that give life to the compelling themes of this powerful holiday,” said Rabbi Roni Handler, editor of Ritualwell.org.  “The site offers a rich palate of creative readings to enliven the ancient text of the haggadah. Miriam’s cup joins Elijah’s on our seder tables, reminding us of the importance of women’s leadership and initiative.” 

An anonymous site contributor agreed. “It’s important to build upon Jewish tradition so that people today recognize the Passover themes operating in our own lives. I want this for myself, and I want it especially for my children.”

Ritualwell.org is more than an information site. It is a community of seekers who wish to explore innovative ways to honor important milestones in their lives. Handler describes the group as “curious, engaged and committed to innovation that is grounded in tradition. We honor our shared past, and we recognize its relevance for today and for the future,” she said.

Ritualwell is supported by the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. In addition to the website, Ritualwell.org maintains an active Facebook page and a Twitter account (@Ritualwell) to help ensure broad access to its materials. Visitors to the site can watch videos, register for email updates, download a ritual or build their own to share with the online community.

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