Omer Day 24: Vayikra – Answering the Holy Call

By Rabbi Shelly Barnathan

Tiferet sh'b’Netzach – Beauty/Compassion of Endurance

Vayikra – Answering the call, the holy call
The work is great, the time is short
To heal the world.

Living with integrity
Guided by values
Speaking with appreciation
Acknowledging the efforts of others.

Raising our children and grandchildren
To be mensches
Feeding the hungry
Standing up for equality and justice.

Step by step, deed by deed
Word by word, march by march
We work to answer the holy call.

But in doing the holy work, 
We are drawn to
Wear ourselves out. 

What supports our Netzach, our endurance
As we answer the holy call?

It is Tiferet – 

Tiferet – Compassion – lovingkindness for ourselves and for others
Tiferet – Beauty – acknowledging the inherent gifts in each person and in the world
Tiferet – Balance – taking the time to rest and to pause, to refresh and renew 
So that we can return to our holy work, with Netzach, with endurance.
Vayikra – answering the holy call
To heal the world.

Image by D'vorah Horn from her set of Omer Practice Cards (2016).

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