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Olamcha: Your World

Music by Shep Rosenman

Music: Shep Rosenman
Lyrics: From Talmud Brachot 17A

Olamcha tireh v’chayecha
V’acharitcha l’chayay haOlam haBa
V’tikvatcha l’dor dorim
Lib’cha yehge t’vunah
Picha y’daber chachmot
U’lshoncha yarchish r’nanot
Af’apecha yaishiru negdecha

Einecha ya’iru b’me’or Torah
U’fanecha yazhiru k’zohar harakiya
Siftotecha yabiu da’at
V’chliyotecha ta’alozna meisharim
U’fe’amecha yarutzu lishmoa
Divrei atik yomin

You will see your world in your lifetime
And afterwards you will live in the world to come
And your hope will be for many generations
May your heart achieve insight
May your mouth speak wisdom
And may your tongue overflow with song
May your eyelids keep you looking straight ahead

May your eyes shine with the light of Torah
And may your face radiate like the sky’s horizon
May your lips evoke understanding
And may your insides rejoice in righteousness
And may your feet run to hear
Words of ancient days

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