Nitilat Yadayim

After reciting the nitilat yadayim (hand washing) blessing, visualize the handwashing cup as being filled with blessings…

Wash each hand front and back three times, alternating from right to left.
1) While washing right hand front and back, think or say:
"May all paucity of spirit or negativity be removed from me."  

While washing left hand front and back, think or say:
"May blessings come to me all day to benefit the world." 

2) Second washing-right hand:
"May all my dear ones experience a removal of any negativity."

left hand:
"May all my dear ones experience a renewal of blessings." 

3)  Final washing-right hand: 
"May all negativity be removed from the world."

left hand:
"May the entire world experience a renewal of blessings and may all receive everything they need for good health.

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