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NeoHasid Haggadah 2021

By David Seidenberg
a colorful hand painted seder plate it pictured. Each bowl has different images portrayed.

Would you like to know the spiritual code behind the haggadah? What makes it a seder is that it's an arrangement of symbols in a specific order, designed to lead us from enslavement to liberation. The “Haggadah of the Inner Seder” and the “Zoom Seder” both highlight all these moments and more – it's all about giving everyone access to the codes that make the seder a ritual of liberation. (That’s why the cover of the “Haggadah of the Inner Seder” is a silicon wafer superimposed on a traditional hand matzah.) Both also include verses on the stranger and refugees, earth prayers, the Omer, and more. The print haggadah also includes the full text plus Hallel, while the “Zoom Seder” includes pictures, customs from Jews around the world, all the songs at the end and links to song videos in different Jewish languages.


Download the PDF of the “Haggadah of the Inner Seder” and the PowerPoint for “Zoom Seder” below.

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