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Memorial Prayer for Miscarriage, Stillbirth & Baby Loss

a single white candle sits off to the right, with a small flame. next to it in the center of the photo is a cut, white calla lily resting on the surface

El Malei Rekhemim - God Full of Wombs, shokheyn bamromim - whose presence hovers over us, like a Mother Bird.

Please, watch over my child(ren) _______; gather them close to Your heart, and keep them safe beneath the shelter of Your wings. May they find comfort in the softness of Your nest, drifting to sleep to the sweet sounds of Your lullabies.

It is said that a child who dies in its first month is still a bride or bridegroom in their parents’ eyes. To you, our child(ren), we say: In our hearts, we can still see so clearly the future that you never were able to meet. May you always know that you are loved, deeply and fully. Even though our time together was short, it was precious to us. We miss you more than we can say.

Shekhinah – Divine Presence, may You comfort us, as You comforted our Mother Rachel, when she cried out for her lost children. May You help us to hope for the future, even in the midst of our grief. May we, and all others who grieve, find healing, bimeheyra beyameinu, soon, soon in our time.

And let us say, “Amen.”

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