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A Meditation on the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump

At this hour
when great power is instilled in a new leader
and the arc of history readies itself to bend
I call upon all light beings, healers, priestesses,
bodyworkers, wise women, witches, sages,
angels, artists, Aquarians, water protectors,
earth mothers
All who know that there are no others,
Only us

With common intention
honest and pure
We invoke our own powers of transformative energy,
thoughts prayers hands voices vibrations
sending light, love, and truth
to the body and spirit of Donald J. Trump
that he may lead wisely and justly,
with the highest and best intentions for all.

May this cry of the heart
raised with gratitude for so many blessings
find the hearts of all who serve
our great nation
and all humanity.

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