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Meditation Before Confession

I stand before You, Shekhinah,
Imminent Presence of Divine Transcendence
  to acknowledge before You
My failure to respond to Your call for holiness.

Let my words rise before You as an offering,
   and a prayer for redemption.
May they do honor to Your Sacred Name.

Help me, God of Old, to see myself
  through Your eyes, as You created me.
Flawed and yet perfect,
Whole and broken,
Filled with joy and despair
  with doubt and perfect faith.

Help me, Divine Voice, that speaks all things into Being.
To speak to myself as You speak to me.
With loving guidance
With gentle urgency
With the peace that disturbs my heart.

Help me, God of Love and Compassion,
   to bind my heart to Yours in joy.
To confess with humility,
   with sorrow and celebration
In certain hope of redemption and return.

Help me remember that teshuvah is not so much
  a turn toward a new self,
  but a turn toward remembering
Who You created me to Be,
Who I will always strive to Be and Become.

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