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May the One Who Blessed Our Mothers

By Rabbi Naama Kelman

Mi sheberakh et Mir'yam achot Mosheh b'simchat hachayim, lahat harikud v'hay'kholet lischof et hanashim achareiha bit'filah uv'chagigah hu y'varekh et ______________ b'ahavat ach'yoteiha b'not yisrael ub'achvat nashim. Mi sheberakh et Rut b'lev zahav uv'ne'emanot m'surah, mi shechizek otah mul haga'aguim l'artzah, l'moladtah ul'achioteiha, hu ya'anik l'_____________ et simchat han'tinah, et amanut hakeshev v'hakhoach la'amod b'ga'aguim. Misheberakh et D'vorah han'viah b'manhigut, hu y'varekh et ___________ bish'ar ruach uv'samkhut. Mi sheberakh et b'not tz'lafchad v'hitzdik et t'viatan hu y'varekh et ____________ bishivayon maleh. Mi sheberakh et Sarah, Rivkah, Rachel v'Leah uMir'yam han'viah v'Avigail v'Ester hamal'kah bat avichail, hu y'varekh et ____________ b'mazal tov uvish'at b'rakhah. V'gadlah biv'riut, shalom um'nuchah. V'yiz'ku aviha v'imah lirot b'simchatah uv'chufatah, banim uvanot, asher v'kavod. Od y'nuvun b'seivah d'shenim v'ra'ananim yih'iu v'khen y'hi ratzon, v'nomar amen.

May the One who blessed Miriam, Moses' sister, with the joy of life, a passion for dance and made her an inspiration to other women to pray and celebrate together, bless [name of girl] with the love of her sisters, daughters of Israel and the comradeship of women.

May the One who blessed Ruth with a heart of gold and devoted loyalty, who gave her strength to face yearnings for her country, her homeland and her sisters, bless [name of child] with the joy of giving, the skill of listening and the strength to endure longings.

May the One who blessed Deborah the Prophetess with leadership, bless [name of child] with inspiration and authority.

May the One who blessed the daughters of Zelophchad and justified their claim, bless [name of child] with complete equality.

May the One who blessed Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah, and Miriam the Prophetess and Avigail, and Queen Esther, daughter of Avichail, bless [name of child] with good fortune and a blessed future. May she grow up in good health, peace, and tranquility. May her parents be privileged to witness her joy and nuptials, sons and daughters, happiness and honor. They shall be fruitful in their old age and humorous and fresh. So be it! And we shall say Amen.

By Rabbi Naamah Kelman in Neshama Hadasha published by Kehillat Kol Haneshama in Jerusalem. Used with permission of Kehillat Kol Haneshama and Rabbi Naamah Kelman.


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