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Lo Dayeinu/Dayeinu (Not enough/Enough)

In the eyes of my abuser, it was never enough.

if I was always obedient Lo Dayeinu

if I was always cheerful Lo Dayeinu

if I was always perfectly groomed and dressed Lo Dayeinu

if I never disagreed with a word my partner said Lo Dayeinu

if I was a gourmet cook day and night Lo Dayeinu

if I was the best sex partner possible Lo Dayeinu

if I was the best partner in the world Lo Dayeinu

In the eyes of my Creator, it is always enough that I am

made in the Divine image Dayeinu

on the journey Dayeiu

Me Dayeiu


Not Next Year in Jerusalem; Not a successfully completed Seder;
Not even the food. wine, and companionship that the holiday brings;
But rather, right here, right now.
This is enough.
No one is yelling at me. No one is calling me names. No one is threatening me.

Is that enough? Not anymore. We deserve much, much more than simply to "not be abused".
We deserve for surviving abuse to no longer be a stigma.
We deserve courts that find every type of abuse
to be relevant, serious, and punishable.
We deserve for every man, woman, and child
to be educated on how to recognize abuse.
We deserve to all find safety, love. laughter, and peace.
Only then....Dayeinu!!

Excerpted from A Journey Towards Freedom: A Haggadah for Women Who Have Experienced Domestic Violence, published by FaithTrust Institute, Copyright 2003, FaithTrust Institute. Used with permission. To purchase copies of the Haggadah, call 877-860-2255 or see www.faithtrustinstitute.org.