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Hashkiveinu for Hope

A white person is pictured from the neck to the bottom of the chest resting their hands over their heart. They are wearing a black shirt with white spots under a teal cardigan and have a gold necklace, bracelet, and diamond ring on their ring finger.
Help us to lie down at night in comfort, safety, and peace
May the dreams of our children be sweet tonight and tomorrow and the day after
May the future be bright for them
and for their children
and for generations to come
Grant us the ability to rest after long days of work and worry
Give us the chance to let our souls be at peace
and give us the grace to know how to separate from the things 
we cannot control
Allow us to quiet our bodies and our minds 
as we drift away from the mundane and enter into a sacred dreamscape
Spread over us the shelter of your comforting presence
Help us to know that it is okay to let go
To breathe, to be – just to be
Journey with us into our sublime subconsciousness 
and let us live in this liminal space of neither here nor there
For when we are with you
we are never truly alone
Guide us, watch over us, protect us
Allow us to rise in the morning with the fragrance of a new dawn
A chance to hope, to create ourselves anew 
Again and again and again

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