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Before Going to Apply for Government Assistance

By Amanda Rush

O God, Creator of the universe, Beneficent and Holy One, thou art truly a great and awesome God. Every day thou spreadest the earth upon the waters as though it were the first time.

Thou spreadest the heavens above us like a great huppah, and every day we, thy people Israel, meet thee under it, that thou mayest betroth us to thyself in truth, in righteousness and in justice.

Thou causest anew the vegetation of the earth to sprout up out of the ground, and the fruit to grow on the vine and the trees.

Thou causest the animals to flourish, and the rivers, lakes, seas and streams to teem with fish.

O God, Sustainer of all creatures and of thine entire creation, grant that I may be able to obtain an abundant share in these wonderful gifts.

Grant that, through the government of this country, and through the taxes paid by its beneficent and loyal citizens, I may obtain the means by which to provide myself with abundant sustenance.

Grant that I may be able to receive the transportation necessary in order to fulfill the requirements that will enable me to obtain adequate assistance.

Thou who hearest prayers, hearken to the prayers and pleas of thy people Israel, and of the Benei Noah, and all those who sincerely pray that thy holy and precious name might be glorified.

I give thanks before thee, O Lord, who delightest in the prayers of thy faithful and sustainest the worlds.


Found in: Hard Times