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To the God of Change

person shown from behind looking at sunset or sunrise with gray clouds on horizon and hills
God of change,
We are afraid to look straight into Your face,
We are afraid You might not care all too much about our feelings.
We are gathered, once again on Zoom, together, separate, maybe more connected to each other than to the people we once were.
Many of us still remember the lives we led before Covid-19.
Many of us look back and are baffled by how much has changed.
We moved;
We’ve met new people;
We eat different foods;
We live through different days.
Babies were born;
People got married;
Others got sick;
Some even died.
Will we one day go back to what was?
We won’t.
Will we still find points of connection to the people we were before?
We can’t be sure.
God of change, it is hard to accept that You are, too, a god of perfection, and a god of sh‘leimut (wholeness). We can only look at You with tears in our eyes—hoping that being here, together, in a moment of connection, we find a way to be together, becoming, here.

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