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Gifts for our Daughter

Many parents choose to honor their child with a significant gift. Some families give their baby a kiddush cup and candlesticks to use when she is able. Other gifts are also appropriate.

Here are some words to use:

"We give our daughter the tools of the ritual life of our community and we pray that she finds depth, passion, and integrity in our tradition:

A set of candlesticks for her to light when she is able, as has been the custom of Jewish women throughout the ages. May her Shabbat table shine brightly with the light of Torah and the warmth of love.

A kiddush cup for her to bless when she is able, in the hope that she will enjoy the fullness of our tradition. May her cup run over with joy, may her study of Torah be rich and passionate, and may she find her own paths to bring holiness and healing to the world.

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