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Every Tree Was Once a Seed

boy planting tree with adult helping

We are each given exactly one chance to be
Hope Jahren, Lab Girl 

Every tree was once a seed
that waited.
A seed knows how to wait.
A cherry tree will wait for a hundred years.
A lotus seed may wait a thousand years
for a chance to become a tree.

Most seeds hope for an opportunity
that will never come,
to shed their hard coats
and take root.

What does it take to pare away the husks
of our own hardness?
To put away resentment, selfishness, arrogance?

In spite of doubt and stubborness,
someone believed in us, nourished us.
So whatever keeps us tethered to obstacles,
let go, focus, begin again,
ready to pray.

Life holds the possibility
of inner transcendence,
            moments of love and awe
so powerful that they call upon us
to redirect the course of our lives:
to ascend the holy ladder and
know the divine.

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