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Embodied Rhythm, Celebration, and Blood

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For some of us, there was such shame and secrecy around girl's and women's monthly periods; especially when attending services in synagogue. I wanted to imagine growing up hearing a prayer in synagogue that normalized and even welcomed the fact of menstruation as just one of the many, many forms of embodied rhythm we celebrate as Jews. 

Blessed are You, Source of Blessings, Who formed human beings with wisdom and created within us the ability to mark time.

Blessed are the music makers, time-keepers, drummers, and all who celebrate the rhythms of our ancestors.

Blessed are those who observe the new moon and the holidays as they move through the cycle of the year.  

Blessed are those who bleed without violence each month, our bodies marking potential and creativity, generation after generation.  

It is obvious and known before Your Throne of Glory that if but one of these embodied time-keeping abilities were missing it would be impossible for Israel to survive into the future. 

Without rhythm in our bodies it would be impossible to praise you with stories, music, dance, and song. 

Without our sacred monthly rhythms, it would be impossible to bring forth new generations of children.  

Blessed are You, Holy One, Who acts wondrously and forms us as beings who make rhythm and mark time. We praise Your sacred cycles as we celebrate our creativity, families, communities, and lives.

Blessed are the wondrous ways you have created us in blood and sacred rhythm.


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