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Embodied Ma’ariv / Evening Meditation: For Victims of Domestic Violence Staying Home During the Pandemic

silouette of woman looking out window

for the night we confused as day 

thank you
for giving me
a body
that marks 
the difference
night and day 
all life long 
have i been told
worship the dawn of another
hide the darkness of your secret seeing soul
trapped in my body 
waiting by the window
longing to catch a glimpse of myself
behind Your Cloud present and bold
but no longer
do i wonder
no longer do i wait
for in me 
i have found a dawn
removed from the absence of another
and in this time
a new season
a greater heaven
a body unresigned to fate
o g-d of noticing
and knowing 
thank you
g-d for appointing me
to this task of
feeling alive
for this
great work
and body
i am forever made awake
and wise!

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