Elohai Netzor During Pandemic

person walking in forest with sunlight streaming down

Elohai Netzor is a private prayer recited in a whisper at the closing of the Amidah.

Creator of the Universe,
Protect our thoughts from selfishness
And our lips from speaking in desperation.
Help us to refrain from desires to hoard
And to choose instead to share with others.
Let us be counted on to spread peace and sane rationality.
May our words of prayer
And our heartfelt meditations
Reach You, stir You, 
And cause You to remember all Your children with favor.
You are our source,
Our bedrock foundation,
We turn to You now, in this time of crisis,
And we plead for Your shelter and protection.
Even now, amidst this pandemic,
We know that our lives are in Your hands
Our souls forever in Your keeping. 
Grant us Your unending compassion,
Showering us with health and well being.
We ask that in Your mercy
You watch over us,
Over everyone,
And hold us all 
In the sunlit warmth of Your Love.