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From Darkness to Light

By Talia Campbell

In the darkest parts of our selves, we find the holiest sparks. When we allow them their voice, when we set them free, they begin to tell us their own story, the one we need to hear. Then those darkest voices can lead us back home, can lead us into the light.

Dear God,
I feel so ugly,
So very alone.
Wrapped in darkenss.
Swirling emotions trap me.
No exit.
Just this blackness.
This hideous self.

I walk alone right now.
The circles of my despair
have been so familiar. No one
knows this place
the way I do.

Again and again
I traverse this jagged landscape.

Please God,
Help me to know that I am not alone.
If I can just breathe through these moments.
This darkness will not last forever.
You are already whispering Your love for me.

Quiet me enough
to feel Your nearness.
You are so close

Just an arm's reach away.

My steps are small,
But I am learning.
Teach me God,
the way back to myself.

Guide me.
Let me feel
Your hand,
so gently
on my back.

Soothe me
through my fear
Cradle me.
Renew my strength.

You see the light in me
even when I am blind.
Stay here with me now,
dear God.

Until this darkness