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A Communal Casting Out: Tashlich for Jewish Leadership

This is the giving away
That does not let others partake 
But make.
And that casts out our own suspicions
And holdings.
For our communities are more alive with each other.
It's the bread crust that says 
I will take my ambition
And my arrogance
And my own aggrandizement 
And I will remember my ancestors who only had this much
And the people in our world who now have even less.
What is my plenty to them?
Instead let me offer the crumbs.
Let me pray with them
Walk with them
In such a way that the sins I cast out
Are replaced by their mitzvot
Their kind deeds.
So that all I have is very little in a suddenly empty space.
Emptied of my own ego.
And emptied, now holy, because only the blessings of the others remain.

Found in: Rosh Hashanah

Tags: tashlikh