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A Ceremony for a Woman in a Coma Near Death

By Vicki Hollander

YHVH, God of our ancestors,
all is now in Your hands.
Forgive and release any hurts or wrongdoings done consciously
or unconsciously.
Lift up all _______'s worries and fears.
Wash them away.
Let goodness flow over her
and surround her now.
Help her as she readies for her next passage.
May her worries for us be eased.
Let her know You will walk alongside, and be present for us,
for her soul is entwined with ours.
As she comes close to You,
bathe her in your light.
Love her and carry her.
Shelter her under Your wings.
Ready a place in Your garden for her.
Into your hand we trust her soul.
Gently, lovingly, tend her now.

YHVH blesses you and watches over you.
YHVH's Presence shines upon you and sheds grace all around you.
YHVH garbs you in light and bestows peace upon you.

Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheynu Adonai Ehad
Adonai Hu Ha-elohim

May Your angels come to _______'s sides.
On her right, Michael, carry our prayers;
on her left, Gavriel, protect her;
before her, Uriel, light her way;
behind her, Raphael, heal all hurts;
and over her head and all around her,
Shekhina, may she rest within your wings.

Vicki Hollander is a rabbi, and works as a marriage and family therapist in Vancouver, B.C.