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Blessings for Writing Prayer

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As part of my developing structure for writing blessings/prayer, I looked for a blessing specific to that work. I was unable to find any traditional blessing for writing blessings/prayer, so wrote my own! I also experience a great deal of difficulty transitioning from the prayer-writing space to the freelance writing work I do, which involves writing on very painful subject areas. So I also wrote "Havdalah for Prayer Writing," to separate between these two types of writing work, clearly based on the traditional ritual for ending Shabbat.

Blessing Before Writing Prayer

Blessed are You, God of Creation,
for giving me the gift of words,
and trusting me to use them wisely.
Give me courage to gather
shards of holiness and
form them into prayer.
Blessed are You, God of Creation,
May the prayers I create always
do honor to Your Name.

Havdalah for Prayer Writing

It is time now to leave this Sacred Space
Where words are used only for holiness.
I pray the peace of prayer will stay with me
In the work I must do.
Someday, in olam haba
there will be only prayer and love.
Please, God, may that day come soon.

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