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Blessing the New Parents

By Rabbi Alissa Wise

May God who blessed our ancestors, Shifra and Puah, Hannah, and Yocheved, bless you Yonah ben Avraham v’Sarah and you Chana bat Avraham v’Sarah as you enter into the holy responsibility of parenthood.

May your nachas and satisfaction as parents be wholly nourishing.

May you be able to distinguish between your child and yourself; this sacred being who has come through you.

May you give her the space and support to be who she is and may each of you continue to develop and grow further into yourselves.

May you prioritize time to be in relationship with each other and with friends and family as Yonah and Chana, not just Mom and Dad.

May your love and bond be strengthened, may you help each other to grow into this role, partnering in the task to be a whole parent.

May you remain open to who each of you will become as you grow and change.  This new life you two have brought into this world, feeding you and leading you down new paths.

May this joy and sacred work bring you into deeper relationships with your community as you participate in the education of your child. 

May the resources and wisdom you bring into your daughter’s life be a source of blessing also for those whom her schooling and activities bring into your home and lives.

May you be blessed with creativity and flexibility. 

May you be bold and courageous as you help lead your daughter into this most uncertain world.

May the source of blessing bless you in this amazing challenge.

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