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Blessing Loved Ones

baby hand holding finer of adult hand

May you see the world each day with fresh eyes.
May you always know day from night, true from false, wisdom from convenience.
May your every step be on firm earth.
May you see through illusion to reality.
May you bring splendor and joy to all you touch.
May you always know what it is to live in freedom.
May you be a support to those who have fallen.
May you guide those who wander
to return to their true path.
May your needs be fulfilled.
May you draw strength from your community.
May you be a part of the splendor that crowns Israel.
May you remember in whose image you are created.
May you remember the joy of freedom
even in times of bondage.
On life’s path, may you never know weariness of body, mind, or spirit.