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Blessing for Birth Parents by Adoptees Under the Huppah

By Rabbi Geela Rayzel Raphael and Reb Simcha Raphael
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Holy One of Blessing, who sees the invisible mystery of love and the destiny of souls, we reach out to you at this time. Standing together under this huppah, filled with our deep joy in finding each other and arriving at this sacred moment of marriage, we pause and remember that we did not come to this place randomly and in a vacuum. We are grateful to our parents, our families who raised us, and have given us so much, beyond what we can describe in words. We thank them with all our hearts.

We also know that part of our story of being here today belongs to our birth parents, who made tough decisions many years ago to surrender us to our destiny, not knowing where it would lead us. In the fullness of our open hearts and joy, we ask each of you here today to join with us as we take a moment to send blessings to our birth parents, wherever they may be. We ask the Holy One Who Knows all Mystery, to grant them peace with their decisions, and inner comfort of mind and heart. We know we have found true love, and we thank those who brought us into the world, along with those who raised us and brought us to this moment. 

Baruch Atah Adonai/Brukhah Yah Shekhinah; Blessed are you O Holy One/Shekhinah who grants life, blessing, mystery and opportunities for growth for our souls’ journeys. Bless our whole web of extended family and friends who enabled us to reach this happy day.

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