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Birkat HaChammah and Passover

By Rabbi G. Rayzel Raphael

Ask your self and those at the table: what were you doing twenty-eight years ago? How has your life changed?

Ask yourself and those at the table: how have you accepted the changes to the Jewish community? What have you done to foster a "spirit of inclusivity" in the Jewish community? How can you do more? How have you "brought in the sunshine?"

A Reading:

Oh Holy Creator of Sun and Moon,

We are awed by the designs of this world. As we gather with our family and friends for Passover, we commemorate the Exodus from Egypt and celebrate our liberation that the story inspires. With the blessing of Birkat HaChammah, we also honor the sun, which warms us and gives us light. May we always appreciate the cycles of the seasons and the season of our lives as they cycle.

Today we honor the changes that have occurred in the last twenty-eight years that have made us freer. We have ordained women rabbis; created a Jewish environmental consciousness; welcomed GLBT Jews into our midst; seen Israel be a leader in solar power development; and accepted that interfaith families are part of our "mixed multitude."

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Grant us the ability to use the healing power of the sun wisely. Bestow your Light and sunshine on the sons and daughters of this next generation. Let us all continue to work toward liberation for all beings on this planet. May we be blessed to see the sunrise and say Birkat HaChammah, in the next twenty-eight years.