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Bedecken (Noticing Each Other)

By Rabbi David Sulomm Stein and Shulamit Sulomm Gehlfuss


Hinnakh yafah ra'yati hinnakh yafah einayikh yonim.

Ah, how fine you are, my love
how fine
your eyes like those of doves!

(Groom puts a kippah on bride's head.)


Hinkha yafeh dodi af na'im.

How fine are you, my beloved;
what joy we have together!

(Bride puts a kippah on groom's head.)


Domeh dodi litzvi o l'ofer ha-ayalim.

My beloved is like a gazelle
Or like a young stag.

(Bride pins a flower on groom.)


Libavtini achoti kallah libavtini b'akhat me'einayikh.

You have stirred my heart
O my sister, my bride,
You have captured my heart
With one flash of your eyes.

(Groom pins a flower on bride.)

Copyright 1992 by David E. S. Stein. Used by permission of the author. All verses are taken from the Song of Songs.

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