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Alternative Avinu Malkeinu

woman in mustard yellow dress standing sandy open space with trees sky clouds in the background, her arms open at her sides, eyes closed, head reaching to sky

This version of Avinu Malkeinu was developed by Keddem Congregation for our first High Holy Days services, in 1996. There was no Reconstructionist Machzor then, so we created our own. When we got to Avinu Malkeinu we weren't sure, at first, how to accommodate everyone's different ideas about God. This version includes names such as Father, Mother, Creator, Rescuer, Helper, Source, Soul, Divine Presence, among others. The text is in both Hebrew and English. 

When we sing at the end, we encourage everyone in the congregation to pick whichever appellation for God most appeals to them. The leaders on the bima generally make a point to sing different ones, together.

Download the PDF below. 


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