The Alef is an And and Two Hands

woman praying outside draped in purple tallit eyes closed

Come in – lay your hunger down on the chairs
Make yourself into      And
Make yourself comfortable

The Alef is One and it is silent and it is small
Explode it now it is a vav and two yuds
The vav the And the connector
Or Yashar
direct light

Human-being-li-ness and G*d-li-ness both
All this in the Alef
suspended between the foundational lower world
and the reach to the upper world
two yuds two hands one reaching
one planted
connected by the sitting

We are connected above and below
the Alef diagrammatic the human being
planted in the lower world
reaching for the upper world.

Alef like this:         ,\’

Above you – hand
Beneath – hand
Your And is a lounge chair
On your coulo  
You’re all coulo and you are
All And.

You are drawn by the hand above
By the hand below –

This is how we make peace
Finding our comfort
On our coulos
Kol HaOlam Kulo [All of It]
Reaching above
Protected below
Finding each other in the same shape
As all our beloved hungers intact.

We are the shape of our prayers.


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