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Preparing for Passover

Passover requires a lot of work. Cleaning, cooking and planning a seder involve a great deal of time and labor. These poems, songs, and kavannot help us prepare our hearts as well as our homes.

The Season of Freedom

By Alden Solovy
"This is the season of freedom: / Of freedom from the will of tyrants, / Of freedom from the bondage of self"   more

Freedom and Responsibility

By Alden Solovy
The Jewish concept of freedom is not solely about escaping bondage. It’s not freedom “from,” it’s freedom “to.”    more
Blog Post | March 21, 2017

The Joy of Clutter

By Anna Levine
I am invincible! I am woman! Hear me roar as I chuck, heave, and unclutter my life, determined to make space—for what, I’m not sure.    more
Blog Post | March 29, 2016


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