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young girl lighting multi-colored hanukkah candles in hanukkiah

"We’ve come to chase away the darkness, carrying light and fire in our hands…" goes the modern Israeli song. Hanukkah is a time to celebrate the tiny miracle of oil and light, and the spirit of the Jewish people fighting to preserve our identity throughout the course of history. In addition to lighting Hanukkah candles, the rituals of this holiday can be enriched by innovative Hanukkah practices that celebrate women’s connections to the Hanukkah story, that focus on healing, and that offer an inspired role for gift giving.


A Cure for the Post-Thanksgivukkah Blues

By Linda Rich
This year’s rare confluence of two annual celebrations, one religious and one secular, garnered much attention and sparked a huge burst of creative energy. For those of us “living in two...  more
Blog Post | December 18, 2013

What is Enough?

By Rabbi Joshua Lesser
Recognizing abundance in our lives, reflecting upon our gratitude, and asking the question  "what is enough?"   more

Tags: meditation

The Curious Case of "Thanksgivukkah"

By Rabbi Jason Klein
Hanukkah has always been about thanksgiving.   One of my favorite seemingly unlikely Jewish comparisons is the parallel between Purim and Yom Kippur; the latter’s proper name is actually Yom...  more
Blog Post | November 5, 2013

There is a Light

by Rabbi Roni Handler
I notice how the increased light in my window is mirrored in my body, in my own “inner chambers,” and I feel great anticipation for this new phase of life. There is a verse from Proverbs (20:27)...  more
Blog Post | December 13, 2012

Found in Translation

By JM Poses
When I think about Hanukkah, the theme that resonates most deeply is that of translation. As a child, I wholeheartedly bought into the idea that Hanukkah was a sort of Jewish Christmas… and not just...  more
Blog Post | December 23, 2011

Tags: interfaith

Presents of Presence

By Rabbi Roni Handler
Happiness. We all want and seek it and yet this elusive emotion is so difficult to attain—and even more difficult to sustain.  Studies on this topic take place year after year, and there are...  more
Blog Post | December 20, 2011

The Greatest Miracle of All

By Rabbi Roni Handler
The legends we pass on to our children teach us about the possibility of miracles all around us—each and every day.   Every Hanukkah we retell miraculous events from our history.  We...  more
Blog Post | December 8, 2011

Dark Days

By Rabbi Deborah Glanzberg-Krainin, Ph.D.
At this time of year, I like to be outside while the sun sets. When the days are short, there is something especially lovely about witnessing light fade. It is like drinking an extraordinarily...  more
Blog Post | November 30, 2011

Essence of Kislev

A summary of facts, characters, and holidays pertaining to the month of Kislev   more