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Historically, only a man could initiate Jewish divorce proceedings. The ceremony itself required a woman’s passive participation and did not address the concerns of same-sex couples. Recognizing that a divorce means more than the dissolution of property, we offer rituals to provide comfort and closure—addressing a range of emotions for all people going through a divorce. May these rituals bring healing to all who use them.

Mourning a Marriage

By Rabbi Laura Geller
An article describing a ceremony for a woman to do among friends following a traditional get   more
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My Un-Wedding Ceremony

By Judyth Labensohn
A ritual to be performed by a woman with women friends after the traditional get ceremony. The ritual moves from mourning to celebration and renewal.   more
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Yom Chadash [A New Day]

By Myrna Gale
A ceremony for a divorced woman to perform with a group of friends in which she mourns her old life and celebrates her future   more
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Spiritual Divorce Ceremony

By Rabbi Jonathan Perlman
A spiritual divorce ceremony performed by the husband in the company of friends and family to reframe his divorce as a healing   more
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Jewish Divorce

By Cantor Judith Bender
A brief mourning ceremony performed by a divorcee and her friends following a traditional get ceremony   more
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The Divorced Woman

By Diane Cohen
A mourning ritual for a divorcee to be performed with a group of women friends immediately following the traditional get ceremony   more

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Divorce as Bereavement: Where Were My Cakes and Casseroles?

By Sandra Winicur
This article describes ways in which the Jewish community can do a better job of reaching out to divorced women, especially those who were "left" by their spouses. While the author addresses herself to women, much of the same advice would apply to men in a similar situation.   more


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