Latest Rituals

  • "Does our prayer come from anguish/Or from pure joy and wonder?"
    Suzanne Sabransky
    a person in a white linen shirt has their hand on their heart. They have on a silver ring, a silver chain necklace with a big pink gem in the middle and a bracelet made of blue and white and purple beads.
  • A poem inspired by attending an online shiva
    Jessica Kirzane
    plump brown-skinned woman holding mug of tea sitting at table leaning forehead onto one hand, looking down, sad
  • "May the memory of this year spark a revolution within us to build a stronger, more just and loving world."
    Rabbi Lily Solochek, Kohenet Shamirah, Rabbinical student May Ye, Rabbi Emily Cohen, Rabbi Raysh Weiss, Rabbi Noam Lerman
    dozens of lit memorial candles fill the image. The flames create an orange/yellow hue to an otherwise dark image.
  • "Because there’s so much suffering everywhere/Courage must be what you are asking us"
    Tania Yadira Márquez
    many painted rocks are laying on top of one another. In the middle is a bright blue rock with "HOPE" written in black letters
  • "It ravages my soul every day without end"
    Jaden Diamond
    person crouched on the floor leaning against a wall. they are wearing a hood over their head and have their fists clasped together over their face. the picture is black and white.
  • Poem honoring the memory of Yitzchak Rabin, z"l
    Rabbi Michael Cohen
    memorial for yitzchak rabin
  • "These I remember and my heart breaks open with tears"
    Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman
    Vivie Mayer is pictured from just below the neck to the middle of her torso. She is drapped in a white tallis and is clutching the corners and holding them close to her heart. Around her neck is a chain necklace with purple stones hanging from it.
  • "You still renew my strength, day after day"
    Jaden Diamond
    silhouette of person sitting at sea looking out at sunset
  • "The once noisy room now / hears only mists of whispers"
    Anne R. Z. Schulman
    person on their sick bed in the hospital. IV attached to hand. hand of a doctor in white coat is on the person's shoulder.
  • "With every shudder of my weeping was a prayer"
    Jaden Diamond
    woman sitting in field gazing at mountain with sunlight


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