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Ritual Gone Wrong

By Sarah Barasch-Hagans
I am a “planner” and I am an English major obsessed with layers of meaning, symbolism, and subtext. Thus, my wedding, like so many ceremonies, was made up of countless intentional decisions that...  more
Blog Post | March 2, 2015

Tags: ketubah

In the Covenant of Whom?

By Sarah Barasch-Hagans
I was staring at my computer screen and trying to decide what in the Jewish wedding I think is particularly Jewish and what might be universal ...   more
Blog Post | August 12, 2014

Tags: ketubah, LGBTIQ

Ketubah (Wedding Contract)

By Rabbi Rona Shapiro
An article about the ketubah, or wedding contract, which describes its history, new ketubot, egalitarian ketubot, and alternatives to the ketubah   more

Tags: ketubah

Lieberman Clause

Meant to be appended to the traditional ketubah and written in Aramaic by the late, great Rabbi Saul Lieberman, this clause requires the husband to grant a religious divorce (get) to his wife, should the marriage dissolve. This clause is usually used by Conservative Jews instead of the Orthodox pre-nuptial agreement.   more

Tags: ketubah