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  • "We gather around our tables/Singing songs of joy"
    Maia Conrad
    A person in a blue button down with short brown hair and a faint brown mustache holds up a kiddush cup with a smile.
  • "To those who have tried to be peaceful/and have seen no results"
    Sara Stock Mayo
    protestors holding up signs and wearing masks
  • "Yet turning to You for strength/Is as natural as breathing air"
    Suzanne Sabransky
    A Black woman wearing a yellow sun dress stands in a green field lined with trees and holds her hands above her head in a V shape
  • "The past and the present are one here"
    Sara Stock Mayo
    An aerial view of Berlin with lots of green trees in the forefront of the image and buildings in the back.
  • For forming our own words of comfort about the pandemic before the recitation of Sh’ma
    Devon Spier
    Rabbi Vivie Mayer is sitting on a bench in a green field next to a lake with a tallit covering her head.

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