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Trees of Life Ketubah

Trees of Life, a classic ketubah bestseller, is circular. Embossed gold or silver trees evoke a sheltering woodland canopy, a pairing of strength with rich roots and flowering bowers. It also symbolizes two family trees uniting, and Torah, our Tree of Life.

Betsy Teutsch has been creating ketubot for over 40 years. She is the illustrator of Kol Haneshamah, the Reconstructionist Prayerbook Series, and a popular line of tambourines (sold in the Ritualwell store) featuring empowered women celebrating and studying.

Gold or Silver 23” x 23”

Lithograph Ketubah with embossed gold or silver foil stamping
*examples of the different texts are shown to the left as images

·Aramaic - no English (except in artwork)

·Aramaic with Egalitarian English

·Conservative with Egalitarian English (Lieberman Clause)

·Egalitarian I - Hebrew and English

·Egalitarian II - Hebrew and English, Interfaith Friendly

·Blank - for customized texts

Please indicate in the comment box which ketubah text you would like to use, and your choice of gold or silver. If you are ordering a custom ketubah, Betsy will email you a customization form to fill out. 

Found in: Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies

Tags: chuppah, same-sex wedding, wedding program, vows

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