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Tikkun Olamot Yizkor Candle

“Tikkun Olam” means “Repairing the World.”

The Hebrew text which is enclosed by and wraps around the hamsa comes from the end of the Counting of the Omer:

"...And by means of this (hand) there is caused to flow a Great Supernal Flowing in all the Worlds. To repair the 3 aspects of our human souls: Nefesh (Vital Life Energy), Ruach (The Motivating Spirit), and Neshama (Divine Spark), from all dross and scar and to cleanse us and make us holy by means of Your Supernal Holiness. Amen, Selah."

  "...in ALL the worlds" brings me to include worlds both personal and public, physical and spiritual of politics, emotion, inter-personal relations, bio-sphere, finance, family … ALLthe worlds that need to be washed clean.

"To repair our own, personal Nafshotainu, Ruchotanu and Neshmotainu" from scum and scar so that we can, each of us, evolve into true humans, reflective of the holiness of which we are made.

In these disturbing times we are being called to every form of social action. Ultimately, the true and lasting change we seek will be determined by the very personal commitment we make to our own inner transformation to bring peace and balance to the "worlds" and this planet. This ritual meditation is inspired by the intention to bring that transformation into being.

Dimensions and Materials:

Platform with backplate: ~5” wide by 6 5/8” high and 4” deep. The backplate is etched copper colored with ink oxides and sealed with a clear, reflective shellac. The platform is redeemed mahogany with a plywood base covered in copper foil. A 3” natural cork disk has been placed on the cedar platform for a votive candle. Candle not included.

The copper backplate is signed at the base of the hand with a 4 branched shin, the logo of Studio Moresca Copperworks.

Each Tikkun Olam setting comes with a 4x6 card which contains the original Hebrew text, transliteration and English translation.

The setting can be ordered in either turquoise or carnelian. Please be sure to indicate the color you prefer in the comment box.

Price: $190.00

Found in: Mourning & Bereavement, Funeral & Burial

Tags: yizkor, yahrzeit, memorial candle lighting

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