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Personalized Kids Mezuzah Case

The perfect gift for a Jewish baby / kids gift this Mezuzah is handmade designed with acrylic colors. On top the letter “ש” is also made of clay.
The Mezuzah is covered with 2 layers of Eco friendly Preservative Wood Finish.
At the mezuzah top the letter “ש” Shaddai, the biblical name of God, for (Shomer Daltot Yisrael, “Guardian of Israel’s doors”.

The Mezuzah comes with dual side tape .

Length 7.08″ (18 cm)
Width : 1.9″ (5cm)
Thickness: 0.07″ (18 mm)
Material : Wood + Fimo

This Mezuzah case fits a 5.9″ (15 cm”) scroll (not included).

You may personalize the blessing by adding the child's name. Upon check out simply leave the child's name for personalization or any request in the comment space provided when you place your order.

Shipping is included in price. I use quality, packing materials to ensure a safe and smooth delivery right to your door.

Sharon Goldstein Studio

Price: $54.00

Found in: Fostering & Adoption, Pregnancy & Childbirth, Covenant & Naming Rituals, Childhood Milestones

Tags: mezuzah, baby shower, kid-friendly

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