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The Four Angels

Artist: Rabbi Me'irah Ilinsky 

In our bedtime prayers, we remind ourselves that we are constantly surrounded by these four archangels: Micha-El, (who is like God) who accompanies us with mercy, Gavri-El, the power of God, with a flaming sword to cut out what we don't need, what is harmful in our lives, Uri-El, the light of God, to illumine a path forward, and Rapha-El, the healer behind us. Up above our heads is the abiding loving presence of the Holy One. All around the border is the flow, the shefa, of Divine love.

Beautiful for a bedroom, especially appealing for a child. A colorful rendition of the four archangels inspired by the style of the Book of Kells.

Giclee fine art print. Size: 16x20".

Price: $265.00

Found in: Pregnancy & Childbirth, Covenant & Naming Rituals, Childhood Milestones, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Driver's License, Leaving Home, Graduation, Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Conversion, Communal Tragedy, Hard Times, Healing Services, Healing from Trauma & Abuse, Healing from Illness, Parenting Day-to-Day, Contemporary Shabbat Practice, Friday Evening

Tags: birthdays, kid-friendly, angels, gratitude, interfaith, conversion, illness, baby naming, bedtime, art

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