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Forest Yizkor Candle

A special focus to honor your loved one as you light your yahrzeit candle. Hand-crafted with the intention of bringing healing and acknowledging the living connection you share with the one who is no longer present physically in this world.

The form of this setting is two trees touching in the center. Beneath the arch of the trees is the Hebrew word YIZKOR - “Remembrance”. The aromatic cedar which forms theyahrzeit candle platform adds the sensual sense that accompanies remembering. Many cultures identify the cedar tree wth the Tree of Life. As an essential oil, cedar brings calm and balance to the mind, clarity to the heart and healing to the spirit.

Each copper backplate is signed with the 4 branched shin, the logo of Studio Moresca Copperworks.

For this Forest design three colors are available: Topaz Blue, Turquoise and Emerald. Please be sure to indicate your choice of color.

Dimensions and Materials:

Platform with backplate: ~5” wide by 6.5” high and 4” deep. The backplate is etched copper colored with ink oxides and sealed with a clear, reflective shellac. The platform is aromatic cedar with a plywood base ~3.75” square covered in copper foil. A 3” natural cork disk has been placed on the cedar platform for a yahrzeit or votive candle. Candle not included.

Weight: 10 oz without packing materials

The Forest Yizkor Candle Setting is what forms the lid of the Forest Living Memory Yizkor Box which can be personalized and is listed separately.

Price: $190.00

Found in: Mourning & Bereavement, Funeral & Burial

Tags: memorial candle lighting, yahrzeit, yizkor