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Building a Sanctuary of Inclusion

By Lauren Tuchman
Before going into a complex description of the building of the mishkan, the portable sanctuary in the desert, God instructs Moses to tell the Children of Israel to build a sanctuary so that God can...  more

Are You a Gatekeeper?

By Shelly Christensen
Fourteen years ago I accompanied Stephanie to meet with the rabbi of one of the synagogues in my hometown of Minneapolis. It was a unique experience for Stephanie, who lives with cerebral palsy and...  more

On MLK Day, A Shabbat Ritual That Makes a Difference

By Repair the World
Sometimes, the hardest thing about observing rituals is not choosing or creating the rituals themselves: it’s about making time for them. We may be super well-intentioned. We may crave the...  more

Seeking Light #After Cancer

By Rabbi Ilana Garber
They kept telling me that once we got through the terrible summer, the “summer of yuck” as we called it, that I would find light, happiness and health. They tried to reassure me, as we checked each...  more